The My Famicase Exhibition (わたしのファミカセ展) is an annual art show of fan-made Famicom cartridge designs hosted by METEOR, an art gallery based in Tokyo, Japan. Here are my yearly entries.//


Play as the Villain as you get REVENGE on the heroes in this platforming game. Only you can Destroy & Terrorize in over 8 huge levels with your brute strength and your newly equipped MEGA-BEAM! Go forth...And DESTROY for the greater evil!//


[FAMI2014] [LTI-02] [リージョンロック: Region Lock]
Licensing issues? Censoring concerns? Alternate boxart design? Try to figure out why games are locked for different regions in this fun and informational puzzle game from LTI. See if you can get your game region free.//


[FAMI2015] [LTI-03] [落書き Tagger]
Start your graffiti life here on this new game from LTI. Design your own tag and pass it along others that share your passion and distribute it everywhere. Use the digital piece book to save other works and make templets!//


[FAMI2016] [LTI-04] [Sunglass 破壊者]
The evil Shutter Shade Empire has taken over the 80's! It's up to you to shoot your way thru 8 levels of intense retro fun in this new game from Lord Toon Industries!//


[FAMI2017] [LTI-05] [Switcharoo]
Welcome to VS Country! You and a 2nd Player must draw when the time hits "go!". Press A or B when prompted but be careful, There is another silent Player that may shoot you or your opponent! Be quick Cowboy! Another fun game from Lord Toon Industries!//


[FAMI2018] [LTI-06] [CMYK: The Game]
Chaos Color Theory!! Find the right color from the 4 Colors and advance to the next level. You can use RGB or Hexadecimal Color to figure it out. Can you complete all 32?//


[FAMI2019] [LTI-07] [Infinicarts]
Multi-Cart Mania!! How many roms can you fit in a regular cart? Try to figure out which chips work and see if you can cram alot of games in this new puzzle game from Lord Toon Industries!//


[FAMI2020] [LTI-08] [Vapelife: Blueberry Flavor Edition]
Finally a game that both Suck & Blow! Try the newest kid craze in "Vapelife". In this game, Find and try all the best flavors of this enjoyable pastime. Play with yourself or trade vape flavors with others! A fun & tasty game by Lord Toon Industries!//


[FAMI2021] [LTI-09] [LTI Super RAM Cart: 4MB]
Need extra power for your gaming needs? The new Super RAM Cart from LTI can deliver faster loading times and eliminate all slowdowns for all your favorite games. Just insert the cart BEFORE you start the game to unlock it's Super RAM power! From Lord Toon Industries.//


[P01][FAMICASE]Mockup Design